Performances Begin at the Geffen Playhouse in LA on September 14

An immersive evening of puzzles, cryptology and illusions

Presented by Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers

Can you crack the code?​


David Kwong

From renowned magician and New York Times crossword constructor

David Kwong is a magician and cruciverbalist (crossword constructor) who mixes puzzles and prestidigitation. Kwong was the head magic consultant on the worldwide hit film Now You See Me and is the secret code consultant for NBC’s Blindspot. A TED Talk favorite, Kwong recently published Spellbound: Seven Principles of Illusion (HarperCollins), which breaks down the neuroscience of how your brain is fooled.

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Hidden Trailer Puzzle - Wall of Outstanding Solvers

Andrew S. Reynolds, At8ax, Brett & Denise Kuehner, Caitlin Stork, Clifton B. Fels & Jackie Saffir, Craig Woo, Crystal Farr, Dan Benjamin, Daniel David, Darren & Melissa Miller, Dvorak42, 

Emily Gasca & Patrick Theisen, Eric Berlin, Erik Hinton, Heather Kennedy, Jeb Haves, 

Jesse Ruben & Co., Justin Venezuela &  Max Nelson, Kirk Damato, Krista Holden & Matt Colen, Lisa “Sherlock” Holme, Kathleen Mullery, Lindsay Hall, The Louie Family, Mark Navarrete, Matthew & Willow Dunn, Matthew Stein, Maura & Mark Whelan, Nick Baxter, Owen Halpert, Richard Chiburis, Ryan Copple, Sean McBride, Shirley Yeung & Donald Higgins, 

Tammy McLeod, Alderson Molz, Theresa Piazza, Todd McClary, Tracey Hayse, 

Trisha Quan and Walsh-Litz Family

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